Combinator Trials

Combinator Trials

So I found out what a combinator was last week and figured I’d give it a shot. Definitely happy to be working with MIDI data at this point, but I think it’s time to set up the mic for some vocal overlays.

Enjoy if you’re listening!



So this was a first foray into sampling something that wasn’t a song already. Kind of different for me, because I knew the tone I wanted it to have but there was no real melody point of reference. Took a while to do and I’m not completely satisfied with it but growth and what not.

Enjoy if you’re listening =)

All About Timing…

If you follow me on Twitter, @Karmakatie8, you’ll already know, there were parts of this beat I felt were incomplete. Therefore, I was looking for a sound insert I could not identify the name or the instrument of.

Lets play a game and see if you can guess which part/parts of the beat that was. Use times to identify!

The title “All About Timing” is because this is the first piece I’ve worked on where I feel the timing of different instruments works well throughout the entirety of the beat.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!