So this is the song I wrote. I chose to not use the double down on the lyrics because I decided I didn’t need them, just the base. Maybe in the future I will.

Also, we just chopped up a drum sample from earlier in the semester. Would really like to get a band come in and do this song. Drummers would be awesome if anyone knows anybody.



Thanks for the inspiration everybody ;-)!

Tried something different with the endingĀ on this one. I have to go sit very still now, so my head doesn’t explode. Only 2 hours until I have to go mix down a school project with the studio group. Recorded some vocals on a Bluebird, so I’m pretty hyped about that. Think I’m going to double the entire track single out and then echo the chorus. But I shall see and then you shall see and then we all shall see. Merry Christmas, Everyone.