Ferguson Reaction

Of all the commentary to be made
About this new set of events
That’s already been played
Take the stage and raise a hand
Look at your love
With a side eye glance
You feel it beating
Your breast bone
As fingers tweaking
Think of your home.
And how this started
Because a young life will not grow
Forever departed, a martyr for what
Looting liquor stores and busting up cops
What good will it do
There’ll be ten more
And 50 new laws you never heard of before

Labeled a criminal,
thrown in a choke hold
Hate breeds hate,
Cast iron, one mold.
Put us all to shame, grow
Go home and pray
Next week unfold
From your churches
1,000 strong
March through the streets
Martin lives on
Love making you strong
Hold each others hands
His life was taken
Make it worth a damn

We’re all the same
Living in our fake 24 hour days
Slaves to a minimum wage
That paves the way
For us to pay the bills
Sit at home and chill
With a tv or computer screen
They’ve dumbed us down
They’ve killed the dream
Equal Opportunity
Equal Community
Who enforces laws
You and me
That we agreed on mutually
Erase Exclusivity
And fuck an agents fee
Stand up and say
You cant take this shit from me
The roots of my family tree
Will grow wide
And house people from all walks of life



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