First Saturday after 2 all nighters during finals week…

Chorus: Warriors come out and play

Can you smell me it’s a brand new day

Warriors come out and play

Tell your story walkin, its all gonna be okay

Woke up in the morning and called out glory

Looked at the sky and thanked the lord b

Steamed up the shower and turned into a tramp

Because that shyt is all mine and I love my man

St. Ives and some vibes

That shyt is so true

Perfect way to start doin the do.


Now in a perfect world we’d all step outside

Right into our six figure rides

Open the tops and kiss the sky

But we all know that aint how it is right.

So I pack up the bags and land in the chevy

Shakin my head at the gas price for hemmis

Wait at the lights and obey all the rules

I’m a white girl but yes we get tickets too

Turn on the radio and cry inside

The same song is playing, what a surprise

This is why….man never mind

The suns shining for the hour

Roll down the window and take it in stride

Focus on the future, the plans that we lay

One of these One of these One of these days

Life Iz gonna be one big partaaaaaaaaaaaay

Intendin to make it

By any means nece-sarry.

Actin like the world just ain’t ready

Breathin heavy; Mr. Miagi starts chantin

Slow and steady slow and steady da…da…da da da daniel Danielson

Eye of the Tiger you slide through the doors

Take out the pad and jot notes from the source

Work hard, Pray God, and the future is yours.






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