Real Life

So this one kind of took shape as I was walking to work past the high school…

A thong with sunglasses in the hash tag

3,000 likes and she’ll show you a dance

Does anything to keep pleasing her fans

Clap, Clap, Clap, Clap, Clap Bammmm

She knows that they all come around

From that magical sound

Not really a spender so she never bought that blender

Shook up the milkshake and still drew a crowd.


Hit the jackpot, in a land filled with THOTS

When she got a follow from a page filled with models

In her dm’s he said he was reaching out friend

Wanted to help her out, get her some money, mad clout.

At the age of 16 it was all such a dream

Walkin down halls past the homecoming Queen

A spring in her step in her eye there’s a gleam

She was gonna make it, Fuck the haters na’mean


So she hits up her dad

for some money, Calls the cab

Brought the home girl along her name was Sam

Lookin smooth talkin nice

On his word she’d bet her life

Go to the club later, didn’t even think twice

The music was pumpin her body was jumpin

Never knew that leavin was considered Stuntin


Two more rounds and she’s trippin

Down stairs she’s just slippin

Takes em both home, hes considered a pimp when

He hits em raw with the record light steady blinkin

Grindin and pinchin her lips he liked lickin

Two months later she’s flippin cause his page its just missing

She’s having his kid

Doesn’t even know what his at name is.


Chorus: Is this the real life, Is this just fantasy

Is this the real world just programmed for me

Is this the real life, Is this just fantasy

Is this the real world, make a sound for me.


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