Happy Place


Hey man,

I’ll take it. It’s not perfect but I’m about to sleep like a baby.

Enjoy if you’re listening.


Ferguson Reaction

Of all the commentary to be made
About this new set of events
That’s already been played
Take the stage and raise a hand
Look at your love
With a side eye glance
You feel it beating
Your breast bone
As fingers tweaking
Think of your home.
And how this started
Because a young life will not grow
Forever departed, a martyr for what
Looting liquor stores and busting up cops
What good will it do
There’ll be ten more
And 50 new laws you never heard of before

Labeled a criminal,
thrown in a choke hold
Hate breeds hate,
Cast iron, one mold.
Put us all to shame, grow
Go home and pray
Next week unfold
From your churches
1,000 strong
March through the streets
Martin lives on
Love making you strong
Hold each others hands
His life was taken
Make it worth a damn

We’re all the same
Living in our fake 24 hour days
Slaves to a minimum wage
That paves the way
For us to pay the bills
Sit at home and chill
With a tv or computer screen
They’ve dumbed us down
They’ve killed the dream
Equal Opportunity
Equal Community
Who enforces laws
You and me
That we agreed on mutually
Erase Exclusivity
And fuck an agents fee
Stand up and say
You cant take this shit from me
The roots of my family tree
Will grow wide
And house people from all walks of life


In My Day at the Mad Decent Block Party

Mad Decent Block Party….I know what you’re thinking…and you’re right. It’s young, its crazy, there are very few fully dressed individuals. BUT my friends,  BUT…if you like to shake your butt. And I mean shake your booty to the ground, do your dance do your dance, care for some salt on your french fries DANCING, this was the place you needed to be. And I must say for the crowd, it was a pretty decent experience. There were a few stampedes over barricades, true,  but what would life be if the youth didn’t rebel against the constructs imposed upon them. Before we get into the nitty gritty just a few side notes. No hula hoops allowed, which was a bummer, and the beer lines were ridiculous. Although water was available at all food carts not just the bar cart, way to go bureaucracy.

OKAY….So, some background. Mad Decent is a record label started by Diplo, who needless to say, is a very successful DJ. The idea for Mad Decent Block Party stems from Diplos’ breakout town Philly, which, shuts DOWN streets in the summertime with their block parties. I don’t know if you guys have ever lived or been in Philly during the summer time, but seriously, just get a bike. Between the old school infrastructure and the block parties/bbq’s, trust me.

The Major Players: For me the major players were Diplo, Dillon Francis, Major Lazer and Big Gigantic. Major Lazer is hands down the favorite, with their signature sound of reggae/dancehall, blended with modern dance genres such as moombahton and electro house, its just phenomenal. There’s NO WAY you can listen to a Major Lazer song and not tap your feet to the beat.

The next favorite has to be Big Gigantic. They are literally a Hip Hop and Jazz INSTRUMENTAL  live electronic group. I’ll just let that sink in for a second. Okay, ready. They blend saxophone and hip hop samples in ways that I dream about, its so fluid, and the drums are so on point. I wish I could talk more about the video that was playing behind them, because it was probably really great, but my head was down their entire set. My lip was curled. My shoulders were bopping.

Dillon Francis’ video however was AWESOME! I’m sure I was one of 3 people that knew who Jean Claude Van Damme was, but it was a continuos sketch comedy of him performing karate, there were some flying cats in there, maybe a Pikachu. His first full length studio album “Money Sucks, Friends Rule” is a collab with Mad Decent and Columbia Records, expected out in the fall of this year. Personally, I’m pretty psyched about it. Known as one of the founders of the moombahton movement, it’ll be interesting to see what direction he takes on his first major undertaking.

And then of course, Diplo!  Just going to put it out there, I appreciate Diplo so much more in his collaborations than I do as an individual. He’s done some really great work with M.I.A., who eventually introduced him to Dj Switch. Diplo and Dj Switch went on to do some great things, dropping Paper Planes with M.I.A., which was a huge hit, and also forming the original members of Major Lazer. They released one album together, “Guns don’t kill people…Lazers do,” and they went down to Jamaica to do it man. Diplo continuously shines light on sub genre’s of music, and with this album, they really went after that authentic dancehall influence.  He worked with Snoop Lion on “Reincarnated,” completely blindsided by the whole Rastafari thing, by the way. No, not really. He’s also involved with Dj Skrillex in the group Jack U. Never seen Jack U perform but Dj Skrillex puts on a good show. He’s a total experience kind of entertainer. Light show, video display…catering to the demand of the crowd I guess you could say.

That’s about it. It’s been two days, and there’s still some glitter in places I’d prefer there not be glitter in, but…it was a fun time!




First Saturday after 2 all nighters during finals week…

Chorus: Warriors come out and play

Can you smell me it’s a brand new day

Warriors come out and play

Tell your story walkin, its all gonna be okay

Woke up in the morning and called out glory

Looked at the sky and thanked the lord b

Steamed up the shower and turned into a tramp

Because that shyt is all mine and I love my man

St. Ives and some vibes

That shyt is so true

Perfect way to start doin the do.


Now in a perfect world we’d all step outside

Right into our six figure rides

Open the tops and kiss the sky

But we all know that aint how it is right.

So I pack up the bags and land in the chevy

Shakin my head at the gas price for hemmis

Wait at the lights and obey all the rules

I’m a white girl but yes we get tickets too

Turn on the radio and cry inside

The same song is playing, what a surprise

This is why….man never mind

The suns shining for the hour

Roll down the window and take it in stride

Focus on the future, the plans that we lay

One of these One of these One of these days

Life Iz gonna be one big partaaaaaaaaaaaay

Intendin to make it

By any means nece-sarry.

Actin like the world just ain’t ready

Breathin heavy; Mr. Miagi starts chantin

Slow and steady slow and steady da…da…da da da daniel Danielson

Eye of the Tiger you slide through the doors

Take out the pad and jot notes from the source

Work hard, Pray God, and the future is yours.