Anyone that has ever tried to walk down the streets of Manhattan, in the summertime, knows that you’re not getting very far without a cd being thrust in your hand. Accompanied by a smirk and wink you think, Oh my God! What if he’s the new Biggy? So, fourteen grocery bags, a newspaper and God willing a cup of coffee in your hands, you somehow manage to finagle a free armpit that can carry this cd all the way to your home entertainment system. Then what happens? Most times it doesn’t play, or you forget to play it, or you look at the cover and four nipples from obviously prosthetic breasts turns you off before you even crack it open. This Blog Post is for us. For the forever hopefuls, For the believer of underground talent.

     No reincarnated Biggie, yet, but this EP was overall better than I would have anticipated. The production was engaging and head bumping from the first song “Jim Brown” which, in my opinion, is also the best song of the EP. De Nau Nau Nau Nau WILL be added to the repertoire of childish rebuttals because of this song. “Shooters that’ll turn your trap spot into a slaughterhouse,” its a gritty intro, there were at least three lip curl moments. There were also many moments in this song and the rest of the EP that made you smile. The wordplay, fits into the production I feel like because it’s catchy and understandable. Definitely not on the level of  a Yasiin Bey or an MF Doom – lyrically there’s nothing that would make you go back three times wondering if you indeed are smarter than a 5th grader.

    Hands down its a New York stylistic with certain T-painesque sections, it’s a summer EP.  That fresh, young, cruising down the beach blvd. with the top down is consistent throughout the EP. Both in terms of content and production. You can hear the talent on this EP hands down. I think these guys are going to be masters of their craft in no time. Hopefully, as they evolve, their content will develop into something that will allow their albums to have a cohesive story being told from intro to outro.

   If you’re looking for something to jam out to in your car on the way to the beach it’s definitely a great choice =)


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