Shake Rattle and Rolling the Winter Away

The Band: RPM

The Venue: Walk Street Tavern

The Vision: Rocking The Winter Blues Away

Tonight was a night that captured the art of what it is to be a musician. A first rate cover band, RPM, covered all the classic rock jams from The Stones to Santanna, from BB King to Van Morrison. They all got their fair share of jam time and they all got the crowd vibing. Percussion instruments were handed out to the crowd, inviting us into the magic that was taking place right in front of our eyes. On the “stage” were gentleman all in their late 50’s that were JAMMING. No hip replacements on this stage folks. Guitars were played upside down, Keyboards were played backwards, Drum sticks were twirled in the air. In my mind, amps were destroyed, women were flinging bras and I had a mullet. Age didn’t matter and neither did the age of the music. The energy was timeless. There was no cover and the smiles were handed out to any and everyone. The band was made up of 6 members. Two electric guitars, one bass guitar, vocals, drums and keyboard. They played together as if they had all known each other for decades, and they probably did. However, these gentleman did not sound like a well oiled machine. They played like 17 year old boys playing “American Pie” on their way to that first make out spot. Like girls dancing to Madonna in their rooms on that first stand up experience. They played like they loved it and it loved them back. They were inspiring and loveable. 

I’m thankful that I was able to see these men perform!      


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