Shaggy Performance

The video I posted from the Shaggy performance at Brooklyn Bowl really captured the essence of what that performance was for me, energetic and interactive. Which was a completely different experience from me winding to the floor as I dusted my coffee table. Seeing him perform allowed me to realize why he has been in the game for so long and why I’m sure there are little Shaggy’s running around from New York to Des Moines. From Boombastic to Hot Shot to Lucky Day there is not a shaggy album around that doesn’t bring the feeling of joy and sunshine to any situation. He performed “In the Summertime, Boombastic, Luv me Luv me, Hey Sexy Lady (which almost led to a fight or two in the audience, Shaggy fans have some HIPS!), It Wasn’t Me, and so many other musical hype gems. Like so many other Brooklyn Bowl performances, there were a notable amount of positives. One, they have water pitchers easily located at both of their bars, avoiding death stares from overworked, bearded bartenders. The bearded bartenders being the second positive. Three, the tickets are extremely affordable. $15-$25 dollars is the general price range. Four, they have a tremendous ladies bathroom which, once the beer starts flowing becomes vital. The stage is large enough to maintain a high energy performance and small enough to allow everyone in the joint a stellar view. The only downside to the location is the quality of their sound. Sometimes muffled, sometimes crackly, I feel like they need to invest in some higher quality speakers. I would definitely see Shaggy perform again, hopefully, with a better opening act, as my vagina started blushing halfway through their second song and continued to recede into a shell of embarrassment, at the lyrics their accents did not do enough to drown out the meaning of. Two thumbs up for Shaggy! Do yourself a favor and check him out!        


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